Touhula always keeps their promises

  • Mika Penttilä
    Manager of Education and Culture, City of Oulu

Why was Touhula chosen as a partner for the City of Oulu?

We’ve been in collaboration with Touhula for a long time now, via various support functions. Over the past five years our cooperation has become closer. Touhula was selected as one of our partners in 2011 when Oulu introduced service vouchers in early education. At the time there was a notable increase in the number of children in early education in Oulu

What are your experiences of Touhula?

The Touhula organisation is managed very professionally and it is a high-quality contractual partner for Oulu. Whatever promises Touhula makes, they always keep them. In Touhula daycare centres, there is a strong focus on exercise and this supports the city’s own strategy very well.

What is the role of a private daycare centre in the municipal daycare offering in Oulu?

Private daycare centres have a significant role and they form an integral part of the city’s total service offering. These private service providers support and complement municipal service production.