Responsibility as a part of our practices

As educators of small children, at Touhula we are passionate about providing the current and future generations with the possibility to lead a good life. In all our activities, we aim to act in a socially, ecologically and financially sustainable and responsible manner.

Touhula's sustainable development policy

Small steps towards big achievements

As a large Finnish family of daycare centres, we foster and comply with values and practices that accord with sustainable development. In this way, we seek to reduce environmental damage and promote the wellbeing of society through our own actions.

The key principles of our sustainable development policy are:


Safety is always the first priority in our activities.

A safe and healthy daycare centre and environment for both children and adults are considered critical issues in Touhula. Protecting the child and the environment are key elements of our practices in every area, from excursions to afternoon naps. During 2019, we will commit to the use of soaps and detergents, and the related practices, that are safe for both the children and the environment.

Environmental education

Environmental education is part of learning in all of our daycare centres.

We plan and provide early education in a way that takes account of sustainable development and the natural environment. Environmental education is a key element of our daycare centres’ annual plan, with a focus on environmental protection and recycling, among other matters.


We respect human rights, diversity and equality in all that we do.

In line with these themes, Touhula has made several commitments through its participation in the national sustainable development project, Sitoumus 2050. Among other issues, we have committed ourselves to action against bullying and the prevention of loneliness amongst children.

Responsible use of natural resources

Our practices promote respect for the natural environment, recycling, the efficient use of energy and water, and the sustainable construction of daycare centres.

We regard a daycare centre as a diverse setting for learning in relation to nature, the urban environment and the yard, in which we play, take exercise and act with respect for nature. Refuse is collected and sorted together with the children, and responsible consumption is taught as part of the daycare centre’s activities. Our daycare centre buildings are constructed to have long life cycles based on low-emitting building materials in classification M1. One of our goals in the responsible use of natural resources is to reduce the energy consumption of Touhula daycare centres by 15 percent by 2021.