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Play, field trips and joy of move

In addition to emphasizing physical activity, our operation places a strong focus on cultural diversity. At our daycare centre, we speak nearly twenty different languages.

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    Both children and educators are accustomed to hearing and learning various languages as part of daily life. Simultaneously, we emphasize learning the Finnish language in all aspects of daycare activities while considering each child’s individual language skills.

    In our operation, we consider the diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds of our client families. This means the ability to adapt Finnish early childhood education practices to meet the needs of children and families, as well as recognizing diversity as a strength and richness.

    Respectful encounters also include greeting each child and providing an unhurried welcome when they arrive at the daycare centre in the morning, as well as sharing daily updates with parents when they pick up their child in the afternoon. Effective communication between educators and parents is ensured by using clear Finnish language and visuals in all communication.

    Each of our daycare groups goes on weekly field trips, either individually or together with another group. Our daycare facilities and the diverse learning environments are available to every group and child. Both indoor and outdoor spaces encourage children to be active and play, while also providing opportunities for quite down when needed.

    One of the advantages of our smaller daycare center is that all the children and adults in the house quickly become familiar with each other, and a sense of community is one of the absolute strengths of our daycare.

Susanne Mäkinen Daycare Manager
Opening hours

Mon–Fri 6.30–17 h

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    The joy of movement


The fee per child at the Touhula daycare centres in Turku is between €0 and €295 per month.

The total price of early childhood education and care consists of the value of a service voucher granted by the municipality and a co-payment by the customer, i.e. the customer fee.

Apply for Early Childhood Education and Care

Fill out the application, and our Daycare Manager will be in touch with you within a week. In most cases, we are able to confirm a place right away, allowing the child to start quickly. The application is not binding.

Our groups

At Touhula, we operate during the day in small groups in which each child is seen and heard as a unique individual. The childrens’ guardians also have an opportunity to be genuinely present and help fulfil their children’s needs.

The TouGo application is the primary tool for contacting the daycare centre about everyday issues concerning a child.

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