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Touhula Star Academy Tampere, Tampere

Tiina Pancy Daycare Manager

Touhula Star Academy Tampere is an English speaking daycare, ideally located in Amuri, near the Pyynikki area. Thanks to our superb location, we have the opportunity of providing your child with real life experiences that enhances their language, cultural and physical development.

Touhula Star Academy is a multicultural daycare. We provide your children and family with the opportunity of meeting different people from around the world.  New friendships may blossom, even between families, as your children develop new relationships. Our Parent Association provides fun events and activities for families to gather and meet one another.

English is the primary language of teaching at our daycare. We have children that may speak from 2 to 4 languages fluently. This is done with support from the staff and the parents as well. Therefore, we strongly suggest that it is important to expose your child to foreign languages at a young age. Our teachers teach English through a variety of games, stories, songs and as many real-life experiences to enrich their language learning.

Our Finnish Language and Finnish as a Second Language classes are just as important. 20% of our total teaching is devoted to the development of Finnish language. We also provide our foreign children with Finnish as a Second Language classes. These specialized lessons are accomplished through small group activities, integration, and the use of the Moomin Language School methods and devices.

In all Touhula daycare centres, physical development is extremely important.  As movement is important to children, we have a large playground just in our backyard in which the children can develop flexibility, coordination, endurance and balance as they play. We are currently developing new areas inside our own buildings to help with this area of development. We also provide outdoor activities. We take advantage of Pyynikki Forest and many of the different parks in the city (Väinö Linnan puisto, Aleksanterinpuisto, Pikku Kakkosen puisto to name a few). In addition, we take the children to Nääshalli and Pyynikin urheilukenttä, which are our local sports arenas.

The children also have the opportunity of demonstrating and developing their artistic abilities through a variety of art and musical activities. Through art and music we provide the children with a different outlet of expression and creativity. We visit art museums, historical landmarks and the Metso library, which are located close by our daycare.

We support the development of self-esteem, self confidence and self-image of a child from early age. Children receive positive attention for the wonderful things that they do during the day. In turn we can correct, guide and help children when faced with difficult social situations. A child is always faced as an individual and we provide them with tools to support their growth.

Our well-established small group activities are implemented daily, in which children are heard in a smaller group. We respect the uniqueness and individuality of every child. We encourage any opportunity to allow your child to feel comfortable and heard. Once your child feels safe, learning happens naturally.

Please stop by and learn more about us. We would be delighted to be a part of your child’s beginning stage of their educational journey! You may follow and get acquainted with us also in Facebook.

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Touhula Star Academy Tampere

Mon–Fri 7:15–17 h

If you need daycare outside opening hours above, please discuss the matter with the manager of the daycare when applying for daycare services.

For the following issues, contact your daycare center manager:

• daycare places
• service agreements and related changes
• invoicing queries
• customer feedback and written comments on how we could improve our activities

Tiina Pancy Daycare Manager

Service agreements

In addition to full-day Early Childhood Education and Care, we offer a range of flexible daycare solutions to meet the various needs of families. However, there are a limited number of part-time daycare places, so please ask the Daycare Manager directly about the current situation.

  • Full-time contract
  • Part-time contract

    Full-day 15 days / month
    Full-day 10 days / month

  • Hour contract

    20 h / week

Apply for Early Childhood Education and Care

Secure your place at Touhula. We fill our places in the order in which applications arrive.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Fill in the application(s); please remember to complete a separate application for each daycare center.
  2. We will contact you within a week after you send your application. In many cases, we are able to confirm a place right away.

Our groups

At Touhula, we operate during the day in small groups in which each child is seen and heard as a unique individual. The childrens’ guardians also have an opportunity to be genuinely present and help fulfil their children’s needs.

The TouGo application is the primary tool for contacting the daycare centre about everyday issues concerning a child.