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Touhula Lappeenrannan Kampus, Lappeenranta

Josefiina Immonen Daycare Manager

Touhula Lappeenrannan Kampus is a three-group daycare centre located in Skinnarila, Lappeenranta. The daycare centre opened its doors in January, 2019. We provide Early Childhood Education and Care with themes of language and arts.

At Touhula Lappeenrannan Kampus we celebrate the diversity in our children and incorporate language development and communication skills in our activities throughout the days. Most of the kids are not native Finnish-speakers and we encourage all children to improve their English skills through fun rhymes, games and songs.

In our early childhood education of arts, we utilize many forms of creative expression. For us, art is a holistic experience for all senses, taking form in bodily, verbal, pictorial and musical expression. Art is a part of our daily routine, not just guided lessons. We use a lot of nature’s own materials: sustainable development is one of our most important values.

Our daycare centre operates in building 4 (P4) at LUT University of Technology. You can find our main entrance by following the Touhula signs that guide the way through our yard.

Our facilities are in two floors and are convertable into workplaces for smaller groups or workshops. Nature is right around the corner: from our sheltered yard you can find forest that summons kids to adventure and play creatively!

Touhula Lappeenrannan Kampus

Language, Arts
Mon–Fri 6.30–17 h

If you need daycare outside the above opening hours, please discuss the matter with the manager of the daycare when applying for services.

For the following issues, contact your daycare center manager:

• daycare places
• service agreements and related changes
• invoicing queries
• customer feedback and written comments on how we could improve our activities

Josefiina Immonen Daycare Manager

Service agreements

In addition to full-day early childhood education and care, we offer a range of flexible daycare solutions to meet the various needs of families. However, there are a limited number of part-time daycare places, so please ask the Daycare Manager directly about the current situation.

About customer fees

The price of an early childhood education place consists of a customer fee and the deductible of earnings-related service voucher issued by the City of Lappeenranta. The amount of customer fee depends on the size of the family, the family’s gross income, the child’s age, as well as the child’s need of early childhood education. Our customer fees are the same as in the municipal early childhood education, and in maximum, they are per month:

• Full-time early childhood education,
over 150 h / month (100 %): 295 €
• Part-time early childhood education,
118–150 h / month (85 %): 251 €
• Part-time early childhood education,
85–117 h / month (70 %): 207 €

  • Time based contract

    Over 150 h / mm
    118–150 h / mm
    85–117 h / mm

Apply for Early Childhood Education and Care

Secure your place at Touhula. We fill our places in the order in which applications arrive.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Fill in the application(s); please remember to complete a separate application for each daycare center.
  2. We will contact you within a week after you send your application. In many cases, we are able to confirm a place right away.

Our groups

At Touhula, we operate during the day in small groups in which each child is seen and heard as a unique individual. The childrens’ guardians also have an opportunity to be genuinely present and help fulfil their children’s needs.

The TouGo application is the primary tool for contacting the daycare centre about everyday issues concerning a child.