A group full of gold nuggets

  • Tiina, 20 years
    Caregiver, Touhula Majakkasaari, Jyväskylä Touhula employee since 2015

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best things are the nice coworkers, the kids, and the opportunity of working normal hours.

What is Touhula like as an employer?

Touhula has been a good employer.

Describe your group of kids.

I work in the Kultahiput (Gold Nuggets) group. The kids there are nice and helpful.

What does the coming year in Touhula have in store for you?

I hope to gain many new experiences and more work experience.

What is the most memorable moment from your career in Aarresaari?

Starting at Touhula and the kids getting to know me. At the start of the second year it was great to notice how happy both the children and the families were to see me continue.

What’s your nicest memory from Aarresaari?

The most fun are the moments filled with everyday humour together with my workmates.