Friends are important for the child

  • Anni and Ilkka
    Parents to Amanda, Touhula Kurkela

What made you choose this particular daycare centre for your child?

We visited several private daycare centres and ended up with Touhula in Kerava owing to the great first impression. They were very professional in presenting the daycare centre and its operations, and gave us a warm welcome.

What’s the best thing about your daycare centre?

The best things are the reliable staff and the open interaction between home and daycare centre.

How do you feel about the staff?

The staff always welcome the kids with open arms, even those who are not in their own group. The children are very well looked after. The staff are very active, and kids get pictures in their individual folders about everything that happening during the day. You don’t need to spend your working day worrying about how things are going at the daycare centre.

What aspects of the daycare centre do your children like?

Among Amanda’s favourites are the gymnastics courses and the sing-alongs. Her friends at the daycare centre have become very important for her.

What’s your best memory of the daycare centre so far?

The best memory so far… there are so many! One of the most memorable moments was a party last spring where every child got to perform.  It was an outdoor event, and the weather just couldn’t have been better. Amanda likes to perform and she participated in the shows of every group.