Staff clearly enjoy their work and are very professional

  • Anne
    Mother of Elsa and Samu, Touhula Vekaravaara

What made you choose this particular daycare centre for your child?

The primary reason was the great location close to where we live. We had also heard many good things about the daycare centre, that is was like a home to the kids.

What’s the best thing about your daycare centre?

The home-like environment, reasonable group sizes, professional staff who are easy to approach. It’s nice that the daycare centre offers a wide range of activities and learning opportunities for the children.

The everyday activities at Touhula have suited our family well and the kids have discovered new skills and joys. It’s not easy to describe the most central factor that makes the daycare centre feel like home, but it’s all about the safe, happy and relaxed atmosphere.

How do you feel about the staff?

They really enjoy what they do, and it shows! We’ve received a warm welcome each and every day. Staff clearly enjoy their work and are very professional.

What aspects of the daycare centre do your children like?

They like the varying activities and the special days such as bring your own toy, baking, and trips. If asked, the children themselves say that it’s the play, games, and exercise – that is, ordinary things and the everyday, home-like things.

What’s your best memory of the daycare centre so far?

The parties at Christmas and in the spring, and it’s also great to see how the kids are really having a good time and can feel safe and happy.