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Touhula Seaside International, Espoo

Sirpa Lassila Daycare Manager

Touhula Seaside International is an English-speaking daycare centre in Keilaniemi, Espoo. Located steps from the Keilaniemi Metro Station, Seaside International has great access from the capital region and our playground overlooks the beautiful seascape of Keilalahti.

A World of Adventures Awaits
Welcome to Seaside International, where we believe in nurturing more than just young minds. Our multicultural environment offers a unique opportunity for children to grow with an open heart and a global perspective. Our diverse community encourages them to embrace different cultures, languages, and perspectives right from the start.

Crafting Happy Childhood Memories
At Seaside International, we understand that a happy childhood lays the foundation for a successful life. Our team of dedicated educators is committed to creating an atmosphere of joy and wonder. Through engaging activities and meaningful interactions, we’re here to make every moment count, ensuring your child’s journey is filled with laughter and cherished memories.

Fostering Holistic Development
Beyond academic excellence, we’re devoted to developing well-rounded individuals. Our curriculum is designed to nurture both social-emotional skills and academic prowess. Through play-based learning and hands-on experiences, your child will not only thrive academically but also learn vital life skills such as empathy, resilience, and teamwork.

Growing Global Citizens
In a world that’s becoming more interconnected each day, having an attitude towards different people and countries is a crucial asset. Our daycare creates a mini-world where children interact with peers from various backgrounds. This exposure fosters an understanding and appreciation for diversity, helping them become compassionate global citizens.

Why Choose Seaside International?

Expert Educators: Our skilled and caring educators are passionate about guiding your child’s growth journey.

Safe Environment: We prioritize your child’s safety and well-being in everything we do.

Multilingual Exposure: Your child will have the opportunity to learn and explore various languages & learn English as it is our main language.

Curriculum Excellence: Our balanced curriculum supports both academic and personal development.

Memories to Last: We’re not just a daycare; we’re a place where cherished memories are made.

Contact us at Seaside International to learn more and schedule a visit. Let’s create a future full of potential together!

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Touhula Seaside International

Mon–Fri 7.30–17.30 h

For the following issues, contact your daycare center manager:

• daycare places
• service agreements and related changes
• invoicing queries
• customer feedback and written comments on how we could improve our activities

Sirpa Lassila Daycare Manager

Service agreements

In addition to full-day early childhood education and care, we offer a range of flexible daycare solutions to meet the various needs of families. However, there are a limited number of part-time daycare places, so please ask the Daycare Manager directly about the current situation.

Information on customer fees

The price of the early childhood education place consists of the customer fee and the deductible of the service voucher issued by the City of Espoo. The amount of the customer fee is affected by the size of the family, income and the need for care.

Our daycare centre’s customer fees are

• Full-time early childhood education,
more than 35 h / week: 50–345 € per month
• Part-time early childhood education,
more than 25 h – less than 35 h / week: 50–286 € per month
• Part-time early childhood education,
maximum 25 h / week: 50–227 € per month

  • Time based contract

    • Full-time early childhood education, more than 35 h / week
    • Part-time early childhood education, more than 25 h – less than 35 h / week
    • Part-time early childhood education, maximum 25 h / week

Apply for Early Childhood Education and Care

Ensure your place at Touhula. We fill our places in the order in which applications arrive.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Fill in the application(s); please remember to complete a separate application for each daycare center.
  2. We will contact you within a week after you send your application. In many cases, we are able to confirm a place right away.
  3. Please also fill in the City of Espoo’s application in the eVaKa service.

Our daycare centre uses the service voucher of City of Espoo and a customer fee determined according to income. If necessary, the family submits income information directly to the City of Espoo’s early childhood education services.

Our groups

At Touhula, we operate during the day in small groups in which each child is seen and heard as a unique individual. The childrens’ guardians also have an opportunity to be genuinely present and help fulfil their children’s needs.

The TouGo application is the primary tool for contacting the daycare centre about everyday issues concerning a child.

Partnership in our daycare centre

Touhula’s partnerships are based on the following core values: the joy of learning, the desire to do good and making everyday life easier for families. Touhula daycare centres collaborate with several partners.