Väinölä has kids with good motor skills

  • Kristiina, 52 years
    Daycare centre Manager, Touhula Väinölä, Pori Touhula employee since 2016

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing is working with the children. What’s more, the great work atmosphere that we’ve managed to create in Väinölä together with my team. It’s also awesome that I get to move around a lot during my workday.

What is Touhula like as an employer?

My employer is good and fair. There’s no lack of innovativeness and we’re forward-thinking.

Which things are important in Touhula?

Being child-oriented matters to us immensely. A supportive, encouraging atmosphere and exercise are also important things in our everyday life.

What’s the group of children you’re working in like?

The Väinölä kids are happy, energetic, and active. There’s a lot of play here and no shortage of joy and noise during the day. The children are also sincere, open, and friendly towards one another. They are simply the best.

What are your expectations for the coming year?

Getting to work with this awesome gang. During the year, we’ll hone small group activities to perfection!