At touhula, adults get exercise throughout the day too

  • Anniina, 25 years
    Preschool teacher, Touhula Rauma

The best thing about your job?

The best are the activity-filled days that are never alike, enriched by the awesome kids and colleagues who are fun to work with.

What is Touhula like as an employer?

Touhula looks after your physical well-being and treats everybody equally as an employer.

What’s your group of children like?

I work in Vauhtioravat (Speedy Squirrels), with children under three. The kids in my group are inspired by all sorts of activities.

What’s the most important thing in Touhula from the children’s perspective?

In Touhula, the children get to move about and play actively all through the day.

What kinds of expectations do you have for the coming year?

I expect the year to be filled with interesting and sporty days.