It’s important that our work is appreciated

  • Iina, 23 years
    Caregiver, Touhula Vekkuli Touhula employee since 2013

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best is fulfilling myself and feeling that my work is truly appreciated.

It’s always nice to come to work as we have a warm and close community here.

What is Touhula like as an employer?

As an employer, Touhula has inspired myself to do more exercise too.

What’s the most important thing from the children’s perspective?

From the viewpoint of the kids, the joy of doing things and carrying out their own ideas are important in Touhula.

What’s the group of children you’re working in like?

It depends on the shift, I work with children of different ages each week. Working with different groups adds variety and challenge to my work. It’s nice to know everyone at the daycare centre, for both the children and the adults.

What are the children in your group like?

They are happy, sensitive, lively, busy, full of laughter, and gentle. Everyone is able to really be themselves.

What kinds of expectations do you have for the coming year?

I’m sure this year will be great again, working with my team.

What are your future expectations in Touhula?

I’m interested in seeing which new exercise ideas we will be able to incorporate in our everyday operations. Ever since we got the activity bracelet, the kids have waited really eagerly for their turn to use it.

What was the most memorable moment in your career in Touhula?

The first thing that pops in my mind is the exercise-themed Christmas calendar we had this year.

The whole daycare centre took part every day. A short play always came first, with elves named Kauko and Hande – they always had some problem for the kids to help them with through exercise.

And what’s the nicest memory in your Touhula career?

I have fond memories of how every employee is always welcomed very warmly. Every day, we laugh together and come up with fun stuff to brighten the day. We share hugs and support one another.