Staff that truly care are worth their weight in gold

  • Outi and Mika
    parents of Oona and Iina, the LystiVekara daycare centre

What made you choose this particular daycare centre for your child?

We were hoping to find a daycare centre close to our home, and preferably a private than a municipal one. Focus on exercise was a definite plus. One day in late winter, we were sledding in the neighbouring park and could see what was happening in the daycare centre yard. Oona remarked that what they were doing looked like a lot of fun. A short while later the pre-schoolers and their teacher came sledding too, so I got a chance to talk her. She told me many positive things about the daycare centre and its activities. That “sales pitch” sealed the deal and so we ended up applying for a place.

What’s the best thing at your daycare centre?

The care providers who truly put their heart into their work. It’s also important that they are attentive to the children’s needs. I like that they plan all activities really carefully, but reserve room for changes and different circumstances. And the kids say that the food is also very good.

How do you feel about the staff?

We couldn’t even begin to imagine better people to care for our girls. They are genuine, always available for the children; adults they can rely on. Our kids like them enormously.

What things do your children like in daycare?

They like the wide range of activities, the staff, having fun with their friends, and the food.  The new games they play are fun and the kids love that people listen to their opinions.

What’s your best memory so far?

New friendships for both our girls. For our eldest daughter, ballet. The younger one’s fondest memory is the DVD they made of the daily activities in daycare. And they love the pictures taken for their individual folders. For both, the best thing is how happy they are to leave home for daycare each morning.