Suomen Latu

”At home in nature” activity

”At home in nature” groups meet the criteria of Suomen Latu – The Outdoor Association of Finland, in which play and movement in nature, leisured togetherness and doing things together are emphasized. ”At home in nature” daycare groups in Touhula undertake to go outside for several hours a day and explore in the nearby nature at least three times a week.

”At home in nature” activities started in August 2021 in the following daycare centres:

Touhula Linnanmaa, Oulu
Touhula TaikaVekara, Oulu
Touhula Murto, Tyrnävä
Touhula Helmiina, Ylivieska
Touhula Villiina, Ylivieska

”At home in nature” is a form of activity by Suomen Latu, which have been coordinated since 1999. Activities focus on moving in nature, as well as nature and environmental education in early childhood education and after-school activities for schoolchildren.