In Touhula, the location and new premises are the things we like

  • Noora Hämeenaho and Jarkko Pennanen
    Touhula Kerava

What made you choose this particular daycare centre for your child?

We picked Touhula because of its location and the fact that it’s recently built. Another reason was that we could choose it even though we’re not local residents.

What’s the best thing about your daycare centre?

We’ve been extremely happy with everything at the daycare centre. The daily programme is target-oriented yet it takes into account the children too. We also like the fact that the premises are new and cosy.

How do you feel about the staff?

The caregivers are warm and friendly, and treat all kids equally.

What aspects of the daycare centre do your children like?

Playing floorball, tinkering, and playing are the things our children enjoy.

What’s your best memory of the daycare centre so far?

The trips have been the greatest moments during the week, especially when you’re allowed to bring your own packed lunch.