The best thing here is the community spirit and my colleagues

  • Eveliina, 24 years
    Minder, Touhula Yli-Maaria, Turku Touhula employee since 2015

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing is the community spirit at my workplace, my colleagues, and the happy families.

What matters in your work?

The important thing is being child-oriented and acknowledging the child as an individual. It’s crucial that we listen to the kids and value their childhood.

Describe the children’s group you’re working in

My group is very important to me. The kids in my group are excited to learn new things and each child shines in their own special way.

What are your expectations for the coming year?

I hope to see the same work group continuing here for a long time to come. I also wish that the children and families feel comfortable with us and that exercise would remain central to our operations.

What was the most memorable moment in your career in Touhula?

There are so many moments, but this one I remember particularly well. I took a one-week holiday, and as I returned to work all the kids ran to the gate with welcoming hugs.

Another fun memory is the spring party we threw together with my colleague for all the employees. As we are a daycare centre focused on exercise, we decided to organise olympic games for the adults in groups, and every staff member really threw themselves into play.