Partners and sponsors

Touhula engages in active cooperation with both national and local partners and sponsors. A diverse range of partners enriches and enlivens our everyday activities in our ECEC centres and beyond.

  • Olympic committee Aiming to create an even more active day for children

    Aiming to create an even more active day for children

    Touhula and Olympic committee collaboration focuses on expertise. Since early 2017, all Touhula daycare centres have been taking part in the “Ilo kasvaa liikkuen” (Joy from Movement) programme, utilising the programme’s excellent tools in everyday activities and making good use of the network to add more movement to the daycare centre’s daily schedule.

    The Olympic Committee and all Touhula daycare centres take joint responsibility for activating kids. The new type of cooperation aims to promote and develop Finnish athletic early education.

    The cooperation entails embedding inspiring content into the daycare centres’ everyday lives, adding daily exercise for every child. At the same time, new innovative content is created to advance and develop the Finnish athletic early education as a whole.

  • Kide Science Science is child's play

    Science is child’s play

    Kide Science emphasizes learning through imagination and storytelling. The miraculous phenomena of everyday life are explored, solved, experimented and observed through problem-solving situations.

    Everyday activities at Touhula include the scientific education of small children based on the playful science education model developed by Vartiainen at the University of Helsinki. Science education features as part of all areas of early education, from basic daycare to science teaching sessions. The children learn to observe and explore scientific phenomena in their own environment, and the application of the related concepts in everyday lives. Science is approached in a playful, child-centred manner and through exploration.

    Some Touhulas also host Kide science clubs in the evenings, based on the same science education model.

  • Suomen Latu ”At home in nature” activity

    ”At home in nature” activity

    ”At home in nature” groups meet the criteria of Suomen Latu – The Outdoor Association of Finland, in which play and movement in nature, leisured togetherness and doing things together are emphasized. ”At home in nature” daycare groups in Touhula undertake to go outside for several hours a day and explore in the nearby nature at least three times a week.

    ”At home in nature” activities started in August 2021 in the following daycare centres:

    Touhula Linnanmaa, Oulu
    Touhula TaikaVekara, Oulu
    Touhula Murto, Tyrnävä
    Touhula Helmiina, Ylivieska
    Touhula Villiina, Ylivieska

    ”At home in nature” is a form of activity by Suomen Latu, which have been coordinated since 1999. Activities focus on moving in nature, as well as nature and environmental education in early childhood education and after-school activities for schoolchildren.

  • ISS Finland's leading property and facility services company

    Finland’s leading property and facility services company

    ISS Finland provides its customers with comprehensive service solutions comprising cleaning, facility management, catering and security services, and the related support services.

    ISS’s service promise to Touhula is to act as a reliable, responsible and professional facility management partner, which helps to ensure that daily activities run smoothly. Our professionals working on ECEC centre premises understand their indirect childrearing responsibilities: we set an example with our friendly and polite conduct, our diligence, and the professional pride we take in our work.

  • HEI Schools Finnish early childhood education and care around the world

    Finnish early childhood education and care around the world

    HEI Schools (Helsinki International Schools) is an international preschool concept that brings the excellence of Finnish early childhood education to schools all over the world. HEI is founded in partnership with the University of Helsinki.

    The HEI Schools concept combines playful curiosity and the freedom for exploring with deep scientific understanding about how children learn. All HEI Schools ECEC centres form an international ”HEI Family”, that unifies children around the world. HEI Schools concept was awarded two Gold Awards (Best Product and Best Service) and the Grand Prix prize of the whole competition at ”Vuoden huiput 2017”, an annual Finnish design competition.

  • Moomin Language School Learning is more fun on the children's terms

    Learning is more fun on the children’s terms

    Learning a foreign language as a child has positive effects that will last a lifetime. Children learn new languages the best before they go to school, as new information is acquired quickly and they have a natural interest in languages.

    Moomin Language School helps kids learn a new language through joy and play.

    We invest in a positive and supportive atmosphere that aims to encourage and inspire children to learn a foreign language.  By encouraging the child to try and use the foreign language we also strengthen their linguistic identity.

    Learning languages early on lays a solid foundation for all learning

    Learning languages at an early age improves concentration, prevents learning disability, and accelerates learning new things. The use of a foreign language is integrated in all areas of learning. The positive effects are also evident in reading, speaking, and writing one’s mother tongue, as well as in social capabilities.

    Five minutes a day is enough

    The Moomin Language School learning application is part of the daycare centre’s everyday operation. In addition to language skills, these exercises develop children’s creativity, memory, mathematical thinking, and social skills. The digital technology motivates the child, makes it easier to use the language verbally, and speeds up learning. The learning only takes 5–15 minutes daily, depending on the child’s capabilities and age. Learning can be tracked in real time for each child.

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