Teemu Selänne

The very own sports supporter for all Touhula daycare centres

For Teemu, it was easy to reach an agreement on cooperation as his personal values were a perfect match with those of Touhula.

Teemu has provided a role model for the physically active children, their families and the staff through his career. After playing in the NHL – the toughest league in ice hockey – from 1992 until 2014, Teemu rediscovering his roots via Touhula cooperation: he worked as a daycare assistant in Espoo for three years in the early days of his career – between 1989 and 1992.

”The daycare centre was a great place to work. With the kids, there were so many things happening all the time, just like in my own childhood. I have tremendous respect for daycare workers. Their work involves a huge amount of responsibility, but it is also a rewarding job”, Teemu recalls.

See Teemu’s videos

With the help of the videos, Teemu shares exercise tips to families for developing children’s motor skills. Additionally, every child gets to take part in Teemu’s skating and hockey school via the child-oriented teaching videos.

Motor skills

Teemu’s skating and hockey skills