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Touhula Störsvik, Siuntio

Susanna Hulkkonen Daycare Manager

Touhula Störsvik is a daycare centre located in Störsvik, Siuntio.

Touhula Störsvik daycare centre’s pedagogical theme is Adventure. In Early Childhood Education and Care of Touhula Adventure daycare centres, every moment is always perfect for an adventure. Adventures can happen through physical movement, music or science, which make each day immemorable and encourage children to find new ways to understand the surrounding world. We see that an adventure means a positive feeling and experience, which can be spread to others and which can have a positive effect for the future. In adventure education, we focus on science and environmental education, experiental learning, learning in nature, skills of self-confidence, social skills and challenging everyone’s bravery. Cooperation and a good team spirit help us to learn to trust in ourselves and others. In our Adventure daycare centres, children will develop into adventurers, who have a passion for life, trust in themselves and are brave to chase their own dreams.

Touhula Störsvik

Mon–Fri 6.45–17 h

If you need daycare outside the above opening hours, please discuss the matter with the manager of the daycare when applying for services.

For the following issues, contact your daycare center manager:

• daycare places
• service agreements and related changes
• invoicing queries
• customer feedback and written comments on how we could improve our activities

Susanna Hulkkonen Daycare Manager

Service agreements

In addition to full-day Early Education and Care, we offer a range of flexible daycare solutions to meet the various needs of families. However, there are a limited number of part-time daycare places, so please ask your daycare centre manager directly about the current situation.

  • Time based contract

    Over 148 h / month (over 35 h / week)
    87–147 h / month (21–34 h / week)
    0–86 h / month

Sök dagvårdsplats

Försäkra dig om din plats vid Touhula. Dagvårdsplatserna beviljas i ansökningsordning.

Så här framskrider sökprocessen:

  1. Fyll i ansökan/ansökningarna. Observera att en separat ansökan måste fyllas i för varje daghem.
  2. Touhula kontaktar dig inom en vecka från det att ansökan lämnats in, och i de flesta fall kan vi genast ge besked om dagvårdsplatsen.

Daghemmet har i bruk Sjundeås servicesedel och priset för familjerna är samma, som på kommunala sidan. Servicesedelns värde påverkas av familjens storlek och inkomster.

Var vänliga och fyll i både Touhulas ansökan och Sjundeås servicesedels ansökan. Familjen fyller i servicesedels ansökan och vid behov levererar inkomstuppgifterna rakt till Sjundeå kommuns småbarnspedagogik.