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Touhula Merihevonen, Lapua

Maria Siipola Päiväkodin johtaja

Touhula Merihevonen is a daycare centre located in Huhtakumpu, Lapua.

Touhula Merihevonen daycare centre’s pedagogical theme is Adventure. In Early Childhood Education and Care of Touhula Adventure daycare centres, every moment is always perfect for an adventure. Adventures can happen through physical movement, music or science, which make each day immemorable and encourage children to find new ways to understand the surrounding world. We see that an adventure means a positive feeling and experience, which can be spread to others and which can have a positive effect for the future. In adventure education, we focus on science and environmental education, experiental learning, learning in nature, skills of self-confidence, social skills and challenging everyone’s bravery. Cooperation and a good team spirit help us to learn to trust in ourselves and others. In our Adventure daycare centres, children will develop into adventurers, who have a passion for life, trust in themselves and are brave to chase their own dreams.

Touhula Merihevonen

Mon - Fri 7:00-17:00
If you need daycare outside the above opening hours, please discuss the matter with the manager of the day-care when applying for daycare services.

Please contact the Daycare Manager regarding following matters:

• places in daycare
• service agreements and changes related to it
• questions regarding billing
• customer feedback and written admonitions to improve operations

Maria Siipola Päiväkodin johtaja

Service agreements

In addition to full-time Early Childhood Education and Care we offer different, flexible service agreements to serve families’ different needs. There is a limited amount of part-time agreements, so please contact the situation directly from the Daycare Manager.

Apply for a daycare

Apply now to ensure a place in Touhula. We operate on a first-come first-served basis.

This is how it works:

  1. Fill in the application(s). Please remember that each daycare centre requires a separate application.
  2. Touhula will contact you within a week after application submission, and in most cases we can confirm your admission right away.

Our groups

At Touhula, children are divided into small groups during the day. This aims at ensuring that each child is seen and heard as an individual. This also gives the early education staff a genuine opportunity to be present, to react to the needs of individual children.

In matters related to the everyday activities of your child, please contact the daycare primarily via TouGo application.

  • Laiva
  • Majakka

Partnership in our daycare

In Touhula, the core of partnerships consists of the joy of learning, the will of doing good and to make the families everyday life easier. Touhula daycares have cooperation with multiple partners.

  • Lapuan Virkiä

    Virkiä Superpesis ja Touhula Merihevonen samaan veneeseen!

    Lapuan Virkiän Superpesis-naiset ja päiväkoti Touhula Merihevonen Lapualla ovat solmineet yhteistyösopimuksen. Kumppanuus sisältää molemminpuolista yhteistyötä, vuorovaikutusta sekä tutustumista puolin ja toisin yksikköjen toimintaan. Virkiän Superpesis-naiset ovat vierailleet Merihevosessa opettamassa lapsille pesistaitoja ja päiväkotilaiset perheineen ovat vierailleet Superpesis-matsissa.

    – Voimme vilpittömästi sanoa olevamme iloisia tästä yhteistyöstä. On mukavaa levittää pesäpallon ilosanomaa etenkin lapsille, jotka nopeasti näyttävät omaksuvan tämän hienon lajin salat ja oppivat nauttimaan pallon kanssa touhuamisesta, Virkiän markkinointipäällikkö Timo Kankaanpää iloitsee.